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A Bagel and Cream Cheese for His Glory

14 Mar

Last week was my spring break, so I decided one day to head down to Steve’s Music Store to buy something for my guitar. On my way there, a homeless man came up to me and asked me if I could buy him lunch at Tim Horton’s, a bagel with cream cheese.

I wasn’t used to talking to homeless strangers, so I quickly, almost as a reflex, said, “No, I’m sorry.” I knew what I had done was wrong, so I promised myself that if I would come back that way to return home and find him still searching for food, I would buy him that bagel with cream cheese.

Twenty minutes later, on my way back, he was still there. I walked right up to him and surprised myself when I boldly said, “You! You want a bagel with cream cheese? Alright, let’s go.”

The waiting line was quite long, but I didn’t want to wait in silence. I asked him, “Who is Jesus?” His answer blew my mind: “The greatest man who ever lived.” We started talking about the bible and spiritual matters and he was telling me how he read the whole New Testament and from Genesis up to 2 Kings. Before leaving, I handed him a gospel tract, just to make sure that he understood salvation, and he promised to buy new reading glasses to read the tract.

This was my first encounter with a homeless beggar, and definitely not my last. God has opened my eyes to the needs of others, and we all need our eyes opened to this reality. This man wanted a simple bagel and cream cheese for his lunch, around $2 with tax. What did you eat for lunch today?

Jesus died for the poor as well and we need to spread the gospel of love to these people. They need Jesus, but just as the Ethiopian said (Acts 8:25-40), how can they understand salvation if no one explains it to them?

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