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Forgiven Mocking Forgiver

4 Apr

We often take this time of year to remember Jesus Christ on the cross dying for us, for our sins. We think of the pain of the whips piercing his flesh, the crown of thorns pressed on his brow and the torturous walk up to Calvary. Then we remember how nails pierced his palms and his feet and how he stayed on that cross for hours upon hours and we mourn at the cross as Jesus’ mother did.

But we often forget one important aspect.

Stuart Townend says it perfectly in the second verse of his modern hymn How Deep the Father’s Love for Us.

“Behold the Man upon a cross

My sin upon His shoulders

Ashamed, I hear my mocking voice

Call out among the scoffers.”

We are no better than the soldiers who spat on Jesus 2,000 years ago. We mocked him at the cross and we mock Him when we sin, when we take the cross for granted. We are ashamed at our mocking voice, but in His awesome grace, he says to God to forgive us while we mock Him.

That’s the beauty of the cross: we are forgiven while we mock the one who forgives us.


Jesus, My Lord

2 Feb

Lamb of God, You were slain,
Washed away our sin and pain,
I cannot grasp why You’d die
For our wrongs, You did suffice,
Son of man, what a sacrifice,
The only true and faithful love.

The tree was heavy,
The stripes did hurt thee,
Jesus, my Lord.
The grave could not hold You,
Now life is made new,
Jesus, my Lord.

Crown of thorns pressed on Your brow,
I can’t help but wonder how,
How You endured all that pain.
Your glory shown at Calvary,
You conquered death and thus saved me,
Lord I marvel at your grace.

The tree was heavy,
The stripes did hurt thee,
Jesus, my Lord.
The grave could not hold You,
Now life is made new,
Jesus, my Lord.

Four Points of 2009

3 Jan

January 1 is always a very amazing day. We look back at the previous year and hope for better things in the year to come. I feel we always take for granted the years that pass by. Let’s look at some of the things that happened every day for the last year.

  • In 2009, we woke up 365 times still breathing, God spared our lives 365 times. God could easily choose to end our lives whenever He wants, and it could be in our sleep. But God chose to leave us on earth so that we can continue to glorify Him in all that we do and spread the word of His love and grace.
  • In 2009, we had the opportunity to go to church and worship God in midst of Christ-loving Christians 52 times! There are so many Christians in the world who are in persecution. They can’t even declare their faith in public in fear of getting arrested, or worse, murdered, but we have the privilege of going to church and encouraging each other in Christ. I hope you took advantage of those 52 Sundays. If you didn’t, make sure you do in 2010.
  • In 2009, God constantly and lovingly reminded daily us that we His treasure if we die with Him every day. We were supposed to die to self 365 times in 2009. It is a constant battle with the devil and it will not stop until God wills it to stop. We might as well practice now so that it gets easier with time. Did you successfully achieve this Christian goal in 2009? I know I could improve on this aspect this year.
  • In 2009, God fulfilled His promise by granting us His mercies every morning. Have you been through trials this past year? Has not the hand of God worked in you through those trials? Wasn’t His light ever apparent in your darkest times of trouble? In fact, we Christians are persecuted and tempted every day to give in to our worldly nature, but by the graces of God, we fight to resist the temptation 365 times. Praise the Lord!

Never take these four points likely in 2010. Make sure you make the most every day and every week. Don’t overlook God everyday blessings. If you do, you just might look back on 2010 as an unsuccessful spiritual year.

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