A Truth is a Terrible Thing to Waste

28 Aug

I think Christians don’t practice evangelism as much as they should. Maybe it’s because we feel awkward telling other people how to live their lives. Maybe it’s because we believe people will come to salvation by God drawing them to Himself and not by some street preacher. Whatever the reason is, I’m convinced we’ve got it wrong.

Why does Jesus tell his disciples to be “fishers of men” as a last commandment before he leaves for heaven? Why does David say, “I will teach transgressors Your ways and sinners will turn to You” after he repents from his sin with Bathsheeba? Why does Psalm 73, the very middle of the bible and of the psalms and often regarded as the pinnacle of the bible, end with, “I will tell of all your deeds”?

I am by no means telling Christians what to do. I hardly ever evangelize and if I do, it’s usually a short one-minute conversation. I’m probably not the only one for whom this rings true. We’ve become so caught up with things in the church that we’ve forgotten the people who walk by the chapel window on Sunday mornings. They are looking for truth. We have the answer. But we keep it in our pockets.  That makes a lot of sense…


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