For All You Hymn-Lovers

1 Aug

Inspired by the beautiful music produced by Indelible Grace, I have been on a quest this past week to find more modern melodies with old hymn texts and I’m very happy to say that my search has not been in vain.

“Reformed Praise, Informed Passion”. is a marvelous site where you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of theology and music put together. You have a choice of either listening to “Updated Hymns” (old hymns with new melodies), “Modern Hymns” (hymns written by the artists at Reformed Praise), “Hymn Texts” (ancient hymns with their original melodies) or just read old classic hymn texts in the Hymn Arrangements” section and be inspired by the heart-warming truth in the words.

For almost every song on the site, you can download the recording of the song, the lead sheet (if you’re a worship leader) and the piano score or the guitar chords on the right-hand side of the page.

Here are some examples:

Updated Hymn

Irresistible Grace by David L. Ward

I sought You, Lord, but now I see
You were the one who was seeking me;
I found You, Lord, and then I knew
That I was found by You.

You have called me with irresistible grace
From before time began.
Thank You, Lord, for saving me;
On Your grace now I can stand.

I took Your hand when I was weak:
Sinking, yet always within Your reach.
My feet were firm though on the sea
For You took hold of me

I sought, I walked, because Your grace
Long before had fixed my place;
And now I love- how can it be?
‘Twas You who first loved me.

Modern Hymn

Covenant Song by Eric Schumacher & David L. Ward

Brought by God the Holy Spirit to trust Jesus Christ the Son,
We, the church of God the Father, as his people join as one.
Having been, our faith professing, baptized in the Triune name,
We, in joy and holy earnest, do this covenant now proclaim.

We will work with love and patience for the Spirit’s bond of peace.
As we pray, we will endeavor to see holiness increase.
We will warn, exhort, encourage, as occasion may require.
We will seek to love each other, ever quick to reconcile.

We will not forsake assembling, nor neglect to serve in prayer.
We will seek to teach the gospel to those God puts in our care.
We will bear each other’s burdens and in sorrow share our tears.
We will celebrate God’s blessings, sharing in each other’s cheer.

We will strive to walk in newness, free from worldly lust and sin,
As proclaimed in our immersion*, “Dead to sin and raised with Him!”
We, our presence, gifts and service, to this church do now commit.
We will keep her faith and practice; to her discipline submit.

Should the Lord be pleased to move us, we will seek to quickly find
An assembly of like doctrine with a covenant of like kind.
May the grace of the Lord Jesus with God’s love upon us fall;
May the Spirit’s sweet communion be forever with us all.


One Response to “For All You Hymn-Lovers”

  1. Journey With Truth August 1, 2010 at 11:06 pm #

    Great find!

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