Jesus in Haiti

14 Jan

I read a poem written by John Piper on Haiti and what Jesus’ reaction would probably be if he were alive today. It’s very powerful, I hope you enjoy it.

Jesus in Haiti
After the Earthquake

Do you consider safety, or your health,
A sign from me?
I am not awed by might, nor struck by wealth,
Or poverty.

O, I am struck! And crushed. Buried, I wince,
And dying, pray,
A sympathetic Priest in Port-au-Prince,
Even today.

But there, in those United States the boot
Is on my face.
“Saul, Saul,” I ask, “Why do you persecute
And not embrace?”

Your King, I lift my arms to you in peace
And patient grief;
And summon now to Haiti enemies
For my relief.

Author: John Piper

Christians,  let’s united as one body and pray for the Haitians. Let’s pray that they would turn to God for hope and strength in this time of need and that He would change them, whether they live through this tragedy or not. Pray also that the world would be reminded that life can be snatched away by God whenever he wills it and that sin cannot be washed away by any other liquid but the blood of Christ Jesus, the risen Son of God.


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